GTSC Announces 2019-2020 Chairs

2019-'20 Chairs and Safety Officers Announced!

Apr. 28th, 2019

By: Stephen “Sterling” Ralph (VP)

     ATLANTA, GEORGIA – April 29th, 2019. After much deliberation over an unprecedentedly large and talented applicant pool, the Georgia Tech Swim Club (GTSC) is excited to announce newly selected Chair positions for the 2019-2020 season. Started in 2018 as secondary positions of leadership, more agile and task-specific than the executive board, Chairs proved a worthy addition to the rapidly growing club and an integral part of its future success. Taking on a variety of responsibilities, next season’s chair appointments are as follows:

Social Media – Ellie Ridgeway

Website/ Social Media – Sumit Choudhury

Intramural – Josh Polevoy

Fundraising & Donations – Lauren Eldridge

Public Relations – Dean Plaskon

      Chosen by the executive board and reporting directly to the club’s Vice President (Stephen “Sterling” Ralph), next season’s chairs will be a critical part of GTSC’s continued expansion and new branding initiatives. All selections demonstrated a history of dedication to the club and its members, proficiency in their respective tasks and a motivation to bring new and exciting perspective to GTSC’s leadership!

    Safety Officers, responsible for the club’s safety oversight at all practices, meets, and events are positions required and recorded by Campus Recreation to ensure the well-being of sports clubs athletes. These positions require the Officer to hold current safety certifications and are selected by the Executive Board. All of those selected show excellent experience, responsibility, club commitment, and an overall friendly and helpful demeanor. We are proud to announce GTSC’s 2019-2020 Safety Officers:

Andrew Hall

Claudia Ortega

Luke Teverino

     With exciting new plans for next season, GTSC’s Chairs and Safety Officers will serve a critical role in maintaining, expanding and bettering the club’s internal and external operations. We hope our followers are as excited as we are to hear from these newest members of GTSC leadership!