Georgia Tech Swim Club Announces Fall Meet Schedule

Georgia Tech Announces Fall 2019 Meet Schedule

Aug. 29th, 2019

By: Jake Grant, President

     ATLANTA, GEORGIA – August 29th, 2019. As the fall semester kicks off on the Flats and the College Club Swimming registration and scheduling period begins in earnest, Georgia Tech Swim Club is proud to finally unveil the fall 2019 swim meet schedule. After much deliberation, the Executive Board has settled on four meets, with the potential addition of a fifth meet in the month of November. The traditional fall GTSC schedule takes the team to places around the southeast like Knoxville, Athens, Clemson, and Auburn. This year features two old favorites, the Clemson Invitational and the away leg of the Battle for the Belt, along with two home competitions for Georgia Tech. The schedule is as follows:

September 3rd – ECCs Memorial Invitational Memorial Intrasquad (McAuley Aquatic Center)

September 13th – College Club Swimming’s Oldest Rivalry (@ Auburn)

September 28th and 29th – Clemson Fall Invitational (@ Clemson)

October 19th – Gold and White Invite presented by arena (McAuley Aquatic Center)

November 9th – Potential Open Date TBA

    About the Auburn Swim Club and the Dual Meet: 
Since their founding several years ago, the Auburn Swim Club has maintained a close relationship with the Georgia Tech Swim Club, most readily apparent through the semiannual meeting of the two teams to tussle over the Heavyweight Championship of the Swimming World. Or, in other words, a gaudy belt. In four tries, Georgia Tech and Auburn have split the belt cleanly, with each defending the belt on their home turf. Auburn will also host their first College Club Swimming Southern Regionals later in the semester.

    About the Clemson Swim Club and the Clemson Invite:
Clemson Swimming has long been a pillar of the college club swimming establishment, serving as a gracious host to two meets annually and regularly competitive on the national stage. The program, since 2012 the highest level of competitive aquatics at Clemson University, is currently facing an uphill battle to keep their facilities operating in the long term and available to the team, students, and general public. Georgia Tech Swim Club supports Clemson Swimming in their ongoing progress and looks forward to demonstrating its commitment to the longevity of the sport at their school with its participation in their meet.

    About the Gold and White Invite:
Since the advent of CCS as a governing body for the sport, Tech’s former invite, colloquially called the East Coast Championships and effectively the national championship of the sport, has become know as CCS Nationals and is now a bid-won, traveling meet last hosted by Georgia Tech in the spring of 2018. Thus, Tech’s annual invitational now takes place, well, whenever the pool allows, based on the time constraints of the Olympic pool and varsity and USA swimming organizations. This year, the Gold and White Invite will take place two weeks after Southern Regionals on October 19th. 

Of note: The Georgia Tech Swim Club maintains a no intercollegiate competition policy in effect on home football game weekends. This is to support our school and its proud football tradition and to demonstrate the student leadership and spirit of our members. Football weekends are an important social and communal event not just for our team, but for the community at large. Thus, we will not be traveling to Auburn for Southern Regionals in 2019. Rather, find us on the Instructional Center lawn in the morning or at Bobby Dodd Stadium in the afternoon. Student tickets to the Swim Club block can be purchased via the Athletic Association here


    The Spring 2020 meet schedule will be announced in early January. However, Georgia Tech will travel to Greensboro in April to attend CCS Nationals, hosted by the University of North Carolina. Travel considerations for the spring and the training trip will also be announced at a later date. Common spring trips include Nashville, Tallahassee, Columbia, and Statesboro, as well as hosting Auburn for the home leg of College Club Swimming’s Oldest Rivalry.