Georgia Tech Swim Club had a year of tremendous growth and competition. Our membership increased by nearly 20%, and we perfomed very well throughout the season. In the regular season, our team placed 2nd at Auburn’s War Eagle Invitational in the fall, and we took home a team win at Georgia Southern’s spring invitational; members posted a combined 9 relay and 31 individual wins at the 5 regular season meets we attended.

This April, our team hosted the single largest swim meet ever to be held at the college level, the 2017 Collegiate Club Swimming & Diving National Championships; 93 teams and 2,067 swimmers and divers attended this three-day long, student-run meet. At Nationals, GT Swim Club swam the best we had all year, posting a total of 29 individal Top 20 finishes, with 19 of those falling in the Top 10, 12 in the Top 5, and 7 in the Top 3; 9 out of our 10 relays with scoring potential placed in the Top 20, of which 6 were in the Top 10, 4 were in the Top 5, and 1 was in the Top 3. Overall on the women’s side, Rebecca Durham (1st year) and Lindsay Knapp (2nd year) placed 8th and 9th, respectively in terms of individual points scored, while on the men’s side, Derek Wu (1st year) placed 13th. The Women’s team placed 8th overall, and the Men took 5th, giving Georgia Tech Swim Club an overall 6th place finish – our highest team placing since 2011.

Out of the water, 2016-2017 President, Jason Weis, and 2016-2017 Nationals Meet Director, Maddie Sibilia, worked with 12 other club presidents from around the country to found College Club Swimming, a brand new National Governing Body to govern the sport at the collegiate club level. The two currently sit on the Advisory Board, and will until at least Fall 2018. 2016-2017 was a great year for Georgia Tech Swim Club, and we look forward to an even better one this year!